Mission, Vision and Values



To meet the sexual health and reproductive health needs of the population in the Dominican Republic and to promote their sexual rights and reproductive rights, through advocacy, education, and the supply of quality products and services.


To be an innovative, sustainable leading institution in the defense of sexual rights and reproductive rights, through high-quality and user-friendly sexual and reproductive health services, education, and advocacy for inclusive and equitable public policies.

Values and Principles

The activities that Profamilia will implement in the next seven years to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of the population and to promote sexual and reproductive rights will be guided by the following values and principles:


  • Solidarity: To promote social awareness in Profamilia’s programs and projects and its commitment to vulnerable populations to guarantee their access to quality care and the defense and promotion of their SRR.
  • Quality: To meet the needs of the population with the best services and products possible, based on protocols, procedures, quality standards and scientific innovations. Also, to offer personalized and timely care in adequate physical environments, ensure informed decision-making, and provide adequate technical expertise and modern technology equipment. Organizationally, a commitment to quality guarantees efficient and timely programmatic, administrative and financial processes.
  • Warmth: Profamilia’s personnel are committed to interacting with the public—the users and beneficiaries of its products and services—in a warm, kind, and affectionate way.
  • Transparency: All areas of management, including program and finance, are based on accepted international procedures and principles, and all records – including those detailing the use of financial resources – are shared both within and outside of the organization.
  • Accountability: A commitment to informing internal and external clients about the management and proper use of funds, assets, and assigned resources, including those received from donors or generated by products and services fees, and more generally all of the results of the institution’s pursuit of its mission.
  • Commitment: Personnel who relate to and act according to Profamilia’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Perseverance: Consistency, firmness, dedication, and tenacity in the defense and promotion of sexual and reproductive rights
  • Openness to Change: Willingness to adopt new courses of action and to evolve in the service of advancing the defense of SRR, improving the effectiveness of management, and to facing diverse circumstances in a reasoned, thoughtful, and analytical way.


  • Equity: To offer services without discrimination or exclusion of any kind, with the conviction that a better, more inclusive world is built with the participation of everyone.
  • Efficiency: To achieve desired results in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost.