Who We Are

We are a Non-Governmental organization, pioneer in sexual and reproductive health services. We offer integral health services through a wide assortment of consultations and specialized procedures.

Founded on 1966, Profamilia seeks to promote and educate people about the importance of family planning and expand the access to contraceptive methods, especially for women and men in urban, vulnerable communities, and rural areas.

Our clinics are the only clinics in the country to provide free counseling in contraception, and sexual and reproductive health.

What do we do?

Health services

we provide low cost health services, with quality and warmth, in our seven clinics, and through our Mobile Units, to people living in critical poverty. Our services range from ambulatory care, to highly specialized medical procedures, and integral care to people living with HIV.


we run a nation-wide marketing program that allows us to distribute low cost contraceptive methods in pharmacies, Profamilia clinics and through health promoters in vulnerable communities.

Fertility program

 Additionally, we run a successful medical program geared towards mid and low income families struggling with infertility issues.

Advocacy, political incidence, and social justice

through several projects we advocate for: sexual education in school´s curricula, decriminalization of abortion in three exceptions (rape/incest, death risk for the mother and fetal anomaly incompatible with life); expand the access to contraceptive methods for youth and adolescents, among others.

Biomedical research

studies and develops new contraceptive technologies. This department also focuses on evaluating the safety and efficacy of contraceptive methods, and has also conducted research on the opinion of Dominican women regarding the new technologies being developed.

Where do we work?

* Our clinics operate in vulnerable communities, with a high poverty and teen pregnancy indexes.

* Our clinics are located in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Cristóbal and San Francisco de Macorís.